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What We’re All About

VRcade offers the ultimate entertainment experience — combining the excitement of an virtual reality games with the bonding time families and friends. Looking for a fun day to spend your Saturday? You’ve come to the right place! Since 2017, we’ve provided a safe, fun-filled environment, with great entertainment, and a lively atmosphere. Stop by and be ready to play!


Virtual Reality Station

We know that people of all ages deserve to have some fun. Our Virtual Reality Game will bring smiles and laughter to kids and adults alike. Whether you’re looking for a fun simple game, or want to try something new, this ride has something for everyone to enjoy!

Battle Station

At VRcade, our number one goal is to make sure visitors have the time of their lives. With this goal in mind, we offer what's called the "Battle Station." This game unleashes your survival mode — and ensures that you have an unforgettable experience. The games that take place on this ride gets your adrenaline pumping. There is also a little kid game on this ride.

Human PodZ

This game has everything you want and more. It has walks with dinosaurs, all the way to roller coasters. It even has some intergalactic battle games and haunted houses. This game is easy to play and be apart of. The age for this game ranges all the way to 3 and up.

Computer  Games

These games are like no other. They allow for creating memories and thrills that last a lifetime. The fact being that we have two computers built for anytime of game, creating, and an unforgettable experience.

Thousands of game to choose from!

People of all ages deserve to have some fun. These games have an age range that will satisfy anyone’s who plays. 

Game Controller

Opening Hours

Come have an amazing time!

Mon - Fri: 3pm - 9pm
Sat: 10am - 7pm
Sun:12pm - 6pm


Contact Us

2441 Foothill Blvd
Rock Springs, Sweetwater County 82901




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